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TUFF TEMP CORP. was formed in 1974. At that time the United States was realizing the health risks inherent in the use and handling of asbestos, and government health agencies soon mandated the elimination of all asbestos related products. This created a need within the glass industry, where asbestos had long been used as a heat resistant material within the hot end of many manufacturing plants.

 Manufacturing Plant USA

TUFF TEMP CORP. helped solve the problem of replacing asbestos by developing a family of high quality, ultra high temperature resistant non-asbestos conveyor belting, narrow tapes & ropes, seamless tubing and fabricated pad products (under the trade names of TUFF TEMP and HiTemp)

Each of our densely woven TUFF TEMP and HiTemp products have been uniquely engineered to meet the critical needs of handling hot end manufacturing processes such as primary and secondary glass manufacturing, and soft and hard alloy aluminum extruding. TUFF TEMP has proven temperature resistance up to 1400 F / 760 C, and our HiTemp line of products has shown even greater temperature resistance. TUFF TEMP in particular is very effective in high wear applications, where fiberglass and other more brittle high temperature materials are inadequate. HiTemp products are more ideal for static, ultra high temperature pad and gasketing applications.

Over the past 30 years, TUFF TEMP CORP. has become a global supplier and today we are the world leader in manufacturing and supplying heat and abrasion resistant textile products. Today, our various products have become the world standard for hot end handling and conveyance.

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