Founded in 1974, TUFF TEMP CORP. has grown to become the world leader in manufacturing and supplying heat and abrasion resistant textile products which today are the world standard for hot end handling and conveyance. 

Within the Glass industry TUFF TEMP produces and supplies an extensive product line of Heavyweight Conveyor Belts, Narrow Width Tapes & RopesSeamless Tubing and Fabricated Pads. Within the Aluminum Extrusion industry TUFF TEMP also manufactures a comprehensive product line of  Endless BeltsRoller Covers , Spacer Covers and Pads for use on our customers’ aluminum extrusion handling systems. All TUFF TEMP products have become the high performance, cost-effective standard used at the world’s leading manufacturing plants.    

TUFF TEMP CORP’s  history of product innovation and unmatched customer service are the reasons we remains the industry’s number one supplier.   

At TUFF TEMP CORP. we are happy to "put our money where our mouth is" by providing you with No Charge product samples to directly test and evaluate in the hot end of your plant.