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WEAR GARD is a proprietary finishing treatment which has been uniquely engineered to enhance the abrasion resistance and cut resistance of the end fabric. As TUFF TEMP only starts with very tough and non – brittle high temperature yarns, this value added treatment even further enhances the end use durability of the woven fabric.
During WEAR GARD processing, the TUFF TEMP or HiTemp fabric is exposed to heat, tension and a controlled chemical bath. The result of this treatment is a markedly stiffer fabric, which will not only withstand extremes in temperature but will also have unmatched durability in highly abrasive applications.
In addition to proven performance, WEAR GARD will also not mark off on your ware during hot end processing

WEAR GARD PLUS is a higher concentration of our WEAR GARD formula. Abrasion resistance and cut resistance are further improved as even greater stiffness is imparted to the end fabric. The fabric is also now denser and stronger as a result of increased tension incurred during processing.
The end result of this value added treatment is a fabric that has almost board like rigidity. It is ideal for fabrication, as holes and cuts can be made without any risk of fraying. As with our original WEAR GARD treatment, mark off on the ware is not a problem.

WATER STRETCHING is a value added finishing treatment which we have engineered to specifically minimize your initial belt stretch. It is a truly unique treatment whereby the belting is pre-stretched in a controlled and regulated finishing process. The result is a tighter and denser fabric that has eliminated most, if not all of the initial belt stretch, typically incurred after installation. This reduction in elongation will significantly reduce the likelihood of costly down time that occurs when belt cutting and re-lacing is needed. 

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