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For any high temperature handling application TUFF TEMP is the ideal product of choice. Each of our TUFF TEMP product lines combine superior temperature resistance, with unmatched durability and wear resistance. This is a truly unique combination of performance attributes because most high temperature textiles have inverse relationships between heat resistance and wear resistance - that is, typically the higher the temperature resistance of the fiber, the more brittle or weak its abrasion resistance. This is true of competing high temperature textiles such as fiberglass, ceramic, silica, and carbon. While all of these competing textiles have good to very good temperature resistance, all are relatively brittle, and each is unsuitable for the hot high abrasion applications that TUFF TEMP excels in. 

TUFF TEMP's unique high performance properties make it ideal for a truly diverse wide range of high temperature applications. For example, our TUFF TEMP high temperature resistant conveyor belting is used to convey all of the following types of products:

    • Hot Cement
    • Hot Sand
    • Hot Chemicals
    • Hot Carbon Black
    • Hot Welding Flux
    • Hot Wood Paneling
    • Hot Washing Machine Lids

The above list is just a small sampling of the types of high temperature conveyance applications where TUFF TEMP is the ideal belt material. Please feel free to contact one of our highly qualified Sales Engineers to see how our TUFF TEMP conveyor belting can be used for your unique high temperature application.

In addition to traditional conveyor belting applications, TUFF TEMP belting is also used extensively as high temperature seals on large industrial rotary drum ovens that process grains and chemicals. Our TUFF TEMP belt seals can be supplied pre-fabricated with sewn Kevlar loops to match your unique specifications. 

Literally dozens of types of fabricated seals, gaskets and other high temperature pads can be custom designed and mass produced to your unique specifications in our sophisticated machine shop. These TUFF TEMP products are used in a host of high temperature applications ranging from as low as a few hundred degrees, on up to over 1,400 F (760 C).

Please feel free to contact us for your unique, customized high temperature needs. We welcome the opportunity and the challenge of satisfying your requirements, and exceeding your expectations!

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