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Over the past 25 years, TUFF TEMP CORP. has become a global supplier and today we are the world leader in manufacturing and supplying heat and abrasion resistant textile products to the glass industry. Today, our various products have become the world standard for hot end handling and conveyance in each of the following glass industry markets:

TV Glass
(For conveyance of both hot panel and funnel glass)
It is no accident that more television glass is conveyed on Tuff Temp Conveyor Belting than all other types of material combined. If superior belt performance, excellent cut resistance, durability and unmatched wear life is your goal - accept no substitutes. Every Tuff Temp belt is pre-stretched prior to shipment and is available cut to length, pre-laced and with our patented protective lacing cover.

Architectural Flat Glass Bending, Tempering & Laminating
Tuff Temp Kevlar Oven Tapes and Ropes have become the industry standard for flat glass manufacturers and horizontal tempering range OEMs because our Tapes and Ropes have consistently proven to offer unmatched wear life and durability. Being completely non-marking on your glass and resisting deformation even under the heaviest glass are just a few of our advantages.

Lighting and Lamp Glass
(Automotive Headlamp Covers, Xmas Ornaments, Quartz, Incandescent Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubing & Rod, Halogen Light Covers, Envelope Bulb Blanks, etc.)

Automotive Flat Glass Bending, Tempering and Laminating
(Windshields, Backlights, Sidelights, etc.)
The Tuff Temp TUFFNIT Seamless Tube Roller Cover has been design and engineered especially for the most demanding automotive glass bending plants and is used by more manufacturing locations than any other heat resistant roller cover material.

Miscellaneous Pressware
(Consumerware / Tableware, Ovenware, Opticalware, Prisms, Meter Covers, etc.).
Tuff Temp Conveyor Belts are a excellent cost effective replacement for traditional chain / metal belts which require costly and polluting gas burners to prevent checks and marks. No burners are required when running Tuff Temp belts, significantly reducing your energy costs, while improving the surface quality of your ware and drastically improving the air quality of your plants.

Container Glass
(Beer & Alcohol Bottles, Juice Bottles, Condiment Jars, Baby Food Jars, etc.).
From Conveyor Belts to custom Fabricated Pads (Pusher Bar Paddles, Star Wheels, Stacker Bars and Lehr Loaders) Tuff Temp products have been specially engineered for your industry.

Miscellaneous Hollowware
(Perfume Bottles, Pharmaceuticalware, Scientificware, Cosmeticware, etc.)

Art Glass
(Tong Covers, etc.)
Products such as our Blended Braided Rope and Seamless Tubing (available in many different ID sizes) are used the world over as tong covers.

Please feel free to contact one of our qualified Sales Engineers to discuss your particular hot end application. It is our pleasure to provide you with samples of our belting to test in your plant so that we can prove our value, and help you improve the productivity of your manufacturing process.

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