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Download - Additional Information

These files are available for download in Acrobat Reader .PDF file format. Please select the Save As...feature of your web browser To get a free copy of the Reader, please click here.

Glass Industry Brochure (1.7 MB)

General information on our various products for the glass making industry.

Aluminum Industry Brochure (1.1 MB)

General information on our various products for the aluminum extrusion industry.

Company Profile (753 KB)

A brief history of Tuff Temp Corp., products offered and markets served.

Product Specifications (1.5 MB)

Chemical, Thermal and Physical Properties. Complete list of available Patterns, Descriptions, Typical Uses and Properties such as Thickness, Tensile Strength, Weight and Percent of Stretch.

Replacing Metal Belts (983 KB)

Glass Plants still heating metal conveyor belts with costly and polluting gas burners will greatly benefit by changing to Tuff Temp Belts that require no burners at all.

Tapes & Ropes (512 KB)

Glass Tempering Oven Tapes and Ropes - includes size information

Seamless Tubing  (654 KB)

Additional information including available sizes on the the Tuff Temp Woven and Knitted Roller Covers.

Fabricated Pads (420 KB)

In addition to Kevlar Belts and Ropes, Tuff Temp Corp. offers a complete line of fabricated pads.

Finishing Treatments (383 KB)

Water Stretching, Wear Gard and Wear Gard Plus Treatments.

Endless Belts (420 KB)

Tuff Temp Kevlar Endless Belts have proved to be the longest lasting and most durable available to the Aluminum Extrusion industry - find out why.

Felt Roller Covers  (563 KB)

Designed and Engineered for the Run Out Table on Aluminum Extrusion Handing Systems, the Tuff Temp Felt Rollers are available in either Kevlar or PBO in various ID sizes - all listed on this fact sheet.

Square Cut for Belt Lacing (325 KB)

Important step by step directions on how to square cut conveyor belts before lacing.

Using Wear Gard (258 KB)

Directions for using small amounts of our Wear Gard treatment.

Asbestos Fact Sheet (62 KB)

Tuff Temp Corp.'s heat and abrasion resistance textile products have proved to be a excellent and non-harmful replacement to asbestos. This is a U.S. Department of Labor - Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) fact sheet on asbestos. What is asbestos? What are the dangers of using asbestos? etc.

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