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TUFF TEMP Corp. has designed and developed a family of unique high temperature resistant belting products that are ideal for use as conveyor belting within the hot end of primary glass plants and aluminum extrusion plants

For conveyance applications in severe manufacturing processes such as hot glass and / or hot aluminum, conveyor belting must exhibit superior temperature resistance, superior cut and abrasion resistance, and superior mechanical performance. Conveyor belting must also be totally non-marking and be safe for the finish quality of the customer's product. 

We understand that our customers are typically running their manufacturing plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any downtime that the customer experiences in manufacturing is unrecapturable, permanently lost revenue.  With that mindset, our focus is to supply the longest lasting, most durable conveyor belts in the world, so that our customers can achieve the longest continuous production runs, with minimal costly maintenance down-time.

TUFF TEMP's line of conveyor belting products has been uniquely engineered to meet all of these criteria, and it is our mission to provide our customers with the absolute longest belting wear life


Superior engineered conveyor belting starts with utilizing specialty high temperature resistant yarns. TUFF TEMP utilizes mechanically enhanced 100% Kevlar® yarns, and other high temperature resistant specialty fibers such as PBI, PBO and Stainless Steel.  Next, we construct our conveyor belting utilizing high-density, multi-layered weaving, to create thick, tough, and ultra-durable woven belts up to 24" wide (610 mm) and 3/8" thick (9 mm). Next, we apply in-house, one of our value-added finishing treatments to the belting to enhance the end use durability and further strengthen the mechanical performance.

The end result of these manufacturing efforts is that we have pushed TUFF TEMP conveyor belts well beyond the normal temperature ratings of the base fibers.

Belt Lacing is also available

  • For intermittent contact applications such as conveyance of hot glass and hot aluminum extrusions, TUFF TEMP conveyor belting has proven temperature resistance up to 1,400 F / 760 C.

TUFF TEMP conveyor belting is typically used within the hot end of glass Pressware and Hollowware plants to convey hot ware from the press molds in the Forming section, up to the entrance of the annealing lehr.  Ware contact temperatures on our belting can typically exceed 1,300 F / 690 C TUFF TEMP conveyor belting is used in the hot end by many of the leading TV Glass manufacturers, and Tableware and Ovenware manufacturers, where glass contact temperatures are amongst the hottest in the industry

  • TUFF TEMP conveyor belts exhibit superior mechanical performance, including minimal belt stretch, and stable tracking within the center of the conveyor bed.

TUFF TEMP pre-stretches all conveyor belts under high tension in our value-added Water Stretched finishing process. The end result is that we significantly reduce and / or eliminate potential belt stretch following installation.

  • TUFF TEMP conveyor belts will NOT check, scratch or mark even the most sensitive surface finishes of hot glass ware or hot aluminum extrusion profiles.

TUFF TEMP conveyor belting is an ideal replacement for traditional chain and / or metal belts, which typically require costly high energy burners to help prevent checks and marks.  No burners are required when running TUFF TEMP belts, significantly reducing your energy costs, while improving the surface quality of your ware.

  • TUFF TEMP conveyor belts can be supplied pre-cut and pre-laced for your exact conveyor lengths, ensuring no waste and minimal set-up time for your plant personnel.

TUFF TEMP Corp. pre-laces conveyor belts with an appropriate size stainless clipper lacing, and then reinforces the strength of the lacing by applying our value-added Wear Gard treatment to the join.  The Wear Gard hardens around the lacing with minimal dry time, and ensures optimal strength, so that the lacing will not pull or tear out.

TUFF TEMP conveyor belting is supplied in a wide range of widths, thicknesses, and plies, to cover a multitude of hot end applications. Such depth of selection in our product lines ensures that the customer receives the most cost-effective belting product for their particular conveyance application.

TUFF TEMP conveyor belting is specifically available up to a maximum width of 24" (610 mm), and a maximum thickness of 3/8" (9 mm) (nominal).

TUFF TEMP CORP. has also recently developed a new breakthrough high temperature resistant conveyor belting that has been designed for the hottest, heaviest, and most severe hot end conveyance applications.  Known as our "Combo and Blended Belting", due to their blended construction of multiple specialty high temperature resistant fibers, they have quickly proved to be the longest lasting and most durable high temperature belts available today.  

As the Manufacturer, Tuff Temp Can Supply Any Width & Length Belt

With over 25 years of industry experience devoted to high temperature resistant conveyor belting, TUFF TEMP is firmly committed to R&D, and to the pursuit of product innovation. 

Please feel free to contact one of our qualified Sales Engineers to discuss your particular hot end application. It is our pleasure to provide you with samples of our belting to test in your plant so that we can prove our value, and help you improve the productivity of your manufacturing process.

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